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This transitional “capsule” collection is suitable to wear outdoors aswell as indoors. It consist of garments handcrafted with sartorial expertise with inspiration from the Artisans, the Connoisseurs and the Epicureans. The garments have been reinterpreted with modern silhuettes that emphasizing the male body. The subtle utilitarian detailing and the soft premium goat suede - are all elements that shape not only the image, but also the character and inspiration of the modern man.

These two jackets, the Epicurean and the Connoisseur are made in very soft premium goat suede. We have given them these names since we believe they can satisfy the lives for those who put high demands in style and are able to recognize sartorial craftsmanship and truely appriciate tailored comfort.

On this utility designed jacket Artisan, we have treated the goat suede with a parafin wax which gives it an autentical vintage patina look aswell as it gives the garments a great durability against wetness and stains to be worn many years to come .


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Our bags

From briefcases and back packs to “roundies” accented with contemporary and utilitarian design elements by Coloniaire and influences taken from the colonial and second world war era.

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