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This aviator theme collection draws inspiration from and have been influenced by the iconic styles worn in the past by explorers and adventurers, officers, pilots and correspondens, but we have adapted the design for modern-day explorers and for environments of today.

The Coloniaire collections are designed for year-round use.

Different thickness of suede has been incorporated to match the garment’s use as well as we have adapted some of our products with a paraffin wax finish so that the garments can be worn in all weathers, even in snow and in the rain.

We have re-invented this iconic outerwear by doing it in a robust goat suede, with a heavy-duty waxed finish. We have kept many of its classic characteristic features, such as: the camel colour, the integrated hoodie and the back and front yoke and the large lower front pockets.

We celebrate iconic and utility designed garments

Our drive and ambition is to rediscover and create new appealing timeless pieces for the modern, urban and adventurous man.

The whole aviator theme/collection

Coloniaire Sartorial Wear

Coloniaire presents classic gentleman garments in ultra-light exquisit goat suede using heritage sartorial methods. Semi-formal garments in subtle detailing that can be worn in-house as well as outdoors. 


- hunting and shooting garments in waxed supple goat suede

The Coloniaire hunting wear are weather repellent, hard wearing and yet stylish

The garments are manufactured in exceptional goat suede adapted with a paraffin wax finish. This is utility and sustainable fashion with functionality at the coare. Garments that will get passed on for generations.

The whole hunting event

Our bags

From briefcases and back packs to “roundies” accented with contemporary and utilitarian design elements by Coloniaire and influences taken from the colonial and second world war era.

See our bags

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