The concept

Gothenburg-based brand Coloniaire was launched in March 2019 by award-winning Swedish fashion designer Henric Dahl. Coloniaire is a premium lifestyle brand with elegant yet functional clothes and bags in exceptional suede and leather. Our designer has been inspired by an era of expeditions but has adapted the designs for modern-day explorers.

Leather never lies – so quality, fit, cut and finish together with a re-invention of iconic garments are our hallmarks. Coloniaire presents stylish, current yet timeless garments that every man can make his own every day, no matter if he is in the city or in the countryside.

Two directions:

  • The Urban Sartorial Line
  • The Countryside Utilitarian Line


The brand and the collection have been inspired by cultures and traditions from the designer’s many travels abroad. The collections draw inspiration from and have been influenced by the iconic styles worn in the past by explorers and adventurers, officers, hunters, pilots, correspondents and photographers, as well as classic gentlemen. The result is a timeless mix of urban elegance and countryside functionality.

The urban line

Coloniaire’s urban range includes classic garments but with a modern take. The smart semi-casual urban line in subtle colours consists of blazers, overshirts, waistcoats, shirts, jackets and coats. The heritage from British, French and Italian work wear and sartorial traditions are visible throughout the collection, with updated design details by Coloniaire.

The countryside line

The countryside collection has a strong focus on the outdoors. The design is influenced by past adventures but modernised and adapted for hunting, safari, expedition and aviator environments of today. This is utility fashion with functionality at the core. Different thickness of suede has been incorporated to match the garments’ use, such as safari adventures, tropical heat or arctic wind and cold expeditions. We have also adapted some of our products with a paraffin wax finish or used different type of linings and padding so that the garments can be worn in all weathers, even in the rain.

Coloniaire also has an assortment of stylish bags ranging from briefcases to backpacks, with contemporary and utilitarian design elements suitable for both urban and countryside styles.

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