Bespoke / Customised design

Besides the Made to Measure service, we also offer customised designs with the opportunity to co-design your Coloniaire garment or accessory. For some of our customers, this might mean specific and practical design features such as special utility pockets or other design features. For others, their passion or hobby may require unique skin and leather detailing and finishing more tailored to their needs. If you have a special garment or accessory to be customised such as a blazer, a hunting vest or a hunting rifle cover or motorcycle bag, contact us for an appointment to discuss your needs. A prototype in canvas can be created, and a fitting of that prototype can be a part of this process before the final sample is delivered to you.

Please allow 7 weeks including the prototype fitting for the delivery of custom designed products.

We can also deliver these customised garments with an individual leather label with your name or initials embossed onto the label.

Contact us at for further information about customised designs.

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